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The Customer Revolution in Healthcare

Healthcare accounts for one-fifth of the U.S. economy. Everyone agrees that our current system needs to be fixed. It must cost less, tackle chronic disease, and shift resources away from acute and specialty treatments into care management, behavioral health, and health promotion. The issue isn’t what to do. It’s how to do it. The answers lie in customer-driven reform, enlightened governmental regulation, and full-risk payment models that reward quality outcomes, service excellence, and efficient operations.

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Sample Chapter

Read this rallying cry that inspires leaders to revolt against today’s system, build thriving organizations and serve America better. Start reading the free sample now.


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U.S. healthcare is too expensive, asset-heavy and tolerant of excessive performance variation. It is over-invested in acute/specialty care and under-invested in prevention, primary care, behavioral health and chronic disease management. It makes too many mistakes and refuses to learn from them. Our long-term quality of life, standard of living and social mobility depend on converting America’s “sickcare” system into a true healthcare system.

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"The Consumer Revolution in Healthcare...builds upon Dave Johnson's deep industry insights to highlight the transformative power of consumerism on the health system, sharing strategic insights for market innovation and regulatory advancement, to deliver better results for all."
Amir Dan Rubin,
President & CEO, One Medical
"Everyone in healthcare knows we need bold change. Dave Johnson is calling for a revolution – one that starts with customers and grows to include consumers. Healthcare organizations that don’t realize they need to be health organizations and aren’t embracing risk, value and consumerism will be out of step with the accelerating evolution that’s upon us."
Bert Zimmerli,
EVP & CFO, Intermountain Health
"Health systems' potential for innovation is limitless. Dave Johnson’s new book, The Customer Revolution in Healthcare delivers a must-read road map for those interested in driving and participating in this innovation."
Eric Langshur,
Abundant Venture Partners
"Some problems are so enormous and multidimensional that they are hard to grasp, and competing interests, money, and politics make solutions seem unattainable. Johnson provides clarity around the fundamental flaws within the US health care system, and the revolutionary forces that have been unleashed that might just fix it. His book shows negative historical forces that brought us here but it is also full of hope. This optimism is based on the moral imperative for each of us to participate in the customer revolution happening in healthcare today."
Lyric Hughes Hale,
Editor-in-Chief, EconVue
"The United States has always been the land of opportunity and innovation. As David Johnson points out in The Customer Revolution in Healthcare, the time has come to rise up and seize the opportunity for innovation in healthcare. David's voice is one of calm, reason, research, experience, logic and optimism. Whether we choose to listen is up to us, the customer. As with most successful revolutions, the power ultimately is in the hands of the people. David eloquently shows us how true that is in a system that is broken, not self-correcting and in need of repair. A must read for all of us -- the customers of the current healthcare system."
Rich Sheridan,
CEO & Chief Storyteller, Menlo Innovations
"Dave Johnson’s ’s The Customer Revolution in Healthcare is a virtual encyclopedia of what’s wrong in healthcare. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for areas of unmet need, an industry executive looking for ways to improve the health consumer experience, or anyone interested in the future of healthcare, this book is a must-read."
Steven Collens,
"David Johnson’s The Customer Revolution in Healthcare provides a sharp diagnosis of the causes of healthcare’s high costs and fragmentation, along with a strong prescription for a new system that is structured and financed based on changing consumer needs."
Kenneth Kauffman,
Chair, Kauffman Hall
"We won’t solve healthcare’s massive problems without revolutionary change. In his book, Dave Johnson destroys the old paradigm in favor of a vision that is as bold as it is freeing and as practical as it is imminent."
Dave Sabey,
Chairman, President and Founder, Sabey Corporation
"David Johnson’s clear-eyed jeremiad exposing the flawed incentives driving our health care costs skyward, offers a pragmatic approach based on fixed budgets and stringent regulations, an approach that can lower spending while improving the patient experience."
Merrill Goozner,
Editor Emeritus, Modern Healthcare

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