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Read this rallying cry that inspires leaders to revolt against today’s system, build thriving organizations and serve America better. Start reading the free sample now.


Read this rallying cry that inspires leaders to revolt against today’s system, build thriving organizations and serve America better.

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David Johnson

David Johnson is a healthcare thought leader, author, speaker, and strategic advisor to organizations busting the status-quo to reform our healthcare system. He applies his 25+ years of investment banking in healthcare to push industry change through incumbent and upstart organizations. Johnson identifies ways the industry must change so Americans receive better care and health. Johnson’s English degree from Colgate University, African Peace Corp service, and Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School fuel Dave’s unique perspective on the economics and purpose of this industry.

Johnson’s independent voice calls out what’s broken in the U.S. health system and how that’s damaging our health and economy. More importantly, he lays out a path to the healthcare system Americans deserve, one that’s focused on customers, people who want the right care at the right time and the right place at the right price. A system that delivers better outcomes.

Dave is the Founder and CEO of 4sight Health, a boutique thought leadership and advisory company at the intersection of strategy, economics, innovation and capital formation. Dave powers the company with an unflinching determination to create status-quo busting dialogue and action in healthcare reform. His innate desire to bring about change, coupled with his tremendous proficiency across health policy, academic medicine, economics, statistics, behavioral finance, disruptive innovation, organizational change and complexity theory, has led to his recognition as an insightful, incisive globally acknowledged authority on market-driven reform.

Dave is a prolific writer on healthcare’s pro-market transformation. He is the author-in-residence at MATTER, the Chicago-based healthcare incubator, and published the critically acclaimed book Market vs. Medicine: America’s Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare in 2016. McGraw-Hill is publishing Dave’s book The Customer Revolution in Healthcare: Delivering Smarter, Kinder, Affordable Care for All in September 2019.

Dave left a 28-year career in investment banking to create 4sight Health. As an investment banker, he managed over $30 billion in healthcare revenue bonds, led significant strategic advisory engagements for health systems. He specialized in capital formation, asset-liability management, enterprise risk analytics and new business-model development. Dave is also currently an investor and/or advisor for several early- or mid-stage healthcare companies.

Dave holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Literature from Colgate University and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. Dave was drawn to service at a young age as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa and a United States Presidential Management Intern.

His civic and professional affiliations have included Harvard Medical School (Visiting Committee); the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (Board, Executive and Finance Committees); the University of Chicago (Harris School of Public Policy’s Visiting Committee, Student Engagement Sub-Committee Chair and the Urban Health Lab); the Health Management Academy; Harvard School of Public Health; CHRISTUS Health (Audit Committee); the British-American Project (U.S. Chair); and Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Center (Finance Committee Chair).

Dave is a consummate thought leader who enjoys reading and writing. He is no health slouch as a vegan who often bikes to meetings, who’s run ten marathons. He also loves traveling.

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We’re a thought leadership and advisory company working at the intersection of healthcare strategy, economics, innovation and capital formation.

We believe a new American healthcare system will develop through bottom-up, market-driven transformation that is already happening. Rebels are knocking down the Healthcare Industrial Complex™, and we should expect better healthcare for the American people.

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"Dave recognizes that healthcare is about empowering people to achieve their best health. His clarity of vision, supported by his deep understanding of the future that is already here, comes together in his book, a must-read for students of healthcare strategy."
Nancy Kane PhD,
Professor, Harvard School of Public Health
"Johnson callus us out on the false choice of restricted care access or unconstrained cost growth. The questions he raises seem revolutionary, but shouldn’t be. In his vision of a transformed healthcare delivery system, data is free from clinical, operational, and financial silos. It flows to frontline clinicians, powered by AI capabilities, so caregivers can focus on patients. That flow will fuel the customer revolution."
Mudit Garg,
Founder and CEO of Qventus
"U.S. health care is a ‘system’ in name only. Dave Johnson not only frames the entrenched interests frustrating consumers with costly administrative friction, he compelling articulates a customer-centered solution. His latest book should be required reading for understanding a when, not if revolution that will transform U.S. health and care."
Don Trigg,
EVP Strategic Growth, Cerner Corporation
"In The Customer Revolution in Healthcare, Dave Johnson paints a stark picture of a healthcare system that fails to deliver the access, quality, and value that we ought to be getting from it. His new book highlights the crucial role that better-aligned incentives can play in building a better system."
Katherine Baicker,
Dean, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago
"I’ve seen the lack of true consumer involvement in the healthcare system as one of its major flaws. In this book, Johnson lays out how an industry that has historically struggled to identify its true customer could revolutionize itself with new attitudes, structures and regulations. Challenging to read as it calls out many long standing practices that need to change, but it's a must read for policy makers and industry insiders alike. If they really do want to change."
Joseph J. Fifer,
President & CEO, HFMA
"We have an obligation as healthcare leaders to deliver less expensive care with better outcomes. In “The Customer Revolution in Healthcare,” Dave Johnson boldly calls us out for failing to meet that obligation. He’s right, and it’s time for us to act boldly to make care more affordable for the people who depend on us for their health."
Marc A. Harrison, MD,
President & CEO, Intermountain Healthcare
"If we truly want to change health care, we need to change how actual patients get actual care. We need to restore the humanity in healthcare, and Dave Johnson's new book gives us a path to do so by re-centering around the person/consumer. Listen to Johnson and take his message to heart."
Rushika Fernandopoule MD,
Co-Founder & CEO, Iora Health
"We cannot improve the health of the population unless they are engaged fully in the effort with us. Dave Johnson has given everyone a road map for this engagement with all the signposts, directions, and barriers, clearly visible. Do we have the courage to go down this road together--providers, payers and patients?? I for one am ready for the journey and kudos to Johnson for his ability to lead us there."
David B. Nash,
Founding Dean Emeritus, Jefferson College of Population Health
"Dave Johnson thrives at the nearly impossible task of breaking down healthcare's complexities to an everyday reader. In total, those complexities represent the next great threat to public health—financial toxicity. Johnson focuses on solutions and a roadmap to better health care and better health."
Marty Makary,
"No one in the health care ecosystem is safe from the critical eye—and sharp pen—of David Johnson. This lively read provocatively and comprehensively diagnoses the ‘sickness system’ with its own chronic disease and outlines how it must heal itself in order to heal everyone else. But it’s his conclusion that holds the real prognosis—the notion of a moral imperative that should serve as the system’s north star toward health care emancipation."
Patrick Geraghty,
President & CEO, Guidewell & Florida Blue